31 October 2012

Wednesday Works -1st grade Mouse Paint- Wax resists

Painting with 1st grade.  Is there anything more entertaining then listening to them discover a "new" color when they mix paints together?  That's one of my most favorite teaching moments.    The students came into the room today with a video cued up on the screen for them.  It's a Primary Color video from OK GO.

 ( I've linked it farther down in this post)

With Mouse Paint I wanted to include a wax resist type technique with them.  After listening to the story, students went back to their seats and drew a portion of the story they liked best.   With a little black outlining and a little white coloring on the mice, we brought out the trays of watercolor paint, edited down to the 3 primary colors. 

That's the cat 

Day started with our primary color video - From OK GO on Sesame Street

 Then we went to work, this time trying to focus on the backgrounds.

For a closure, we watched this last video again just for fun.   Kids added a bit more black and white crayon to really pick out their mice from their backgrounds.

29 October 2012

Monday motivations Oct 29, 2012 - Hurricane Sandy edition

Winds are just picking up.  School is out for today and tomorrow.   So let's have a stormy motivation for the day.

 Donald Demers

 Lena Karpinsky

 Tate Hamilton


Toni Grote

24 October 2012

Wednesday Works - Tints, shades, and tones with 3rd grade

 I can't take credit for this idea at all.  I just saw it on Pinterest, or on another Art Teacher blog but I go to so many that I have no clue where it came from originally. 

At any rate, I've given myself a goal this school year - add 5 brand new lessons to each grade level - to keep the curriculum fresh and interesting (and exciting!) 

This is the first new 3rd grade lesson.   I realized we didn't paint much in 3rd grade with all the other lessons and units I had in the pile so this was perfect.  

 Kids had a main color at their table and each had individual spoon fulls of white in their own cups.
The center circle was traced using a roll of masking tape.   That circle is painted first with white.   Then drop by drop, each concentric ring was painted until they covered the papers.

We talked about :
color + white = a tint
color + black = a shade   
color + black + white = a tone

some tables had straight color from the bottle, some had color + black (a shade) originally so the finals are either tints or tones.

Day 2 is for finishing.   I have always been of the opinion that holidays didn't need to be present in the art room   Plenty of my colleagues did arty, crafty holiday projects so I stuck with my art history and techniques faithfully for years.   

Since I'm trying to add some spark into the curriculum, I gave the students the option for a little spooky halloween kinds of fun for this, if they were so inclined.  

(meaning, we had lots of spiders and webs)
 Our moonscapes were mainly finished with some silhouettes of trees and branches, with the option of adding nocturnal animals to the scene as well.   Tied in perfectly to the lesson on owls and bats they just finished up in their regular classrooms.

 (this one had a minor paper fold-over while it was wet but we decided it looked a lot like cloud cover)

17 October 2012

Wednesday works - "Drawing with Children" in 2nd grade

I pulled another lesson from this book...

Drawing with Children - by Mona Brooks, to use with my 2nd grade class also.  They drew the toucan or tropical bird from this as an introduction to wax resist. 

We started all drawing together....
Crayon was added on day one to the entire paper, just like we always color.   On day 2 they were given Crayola markers and only colored the toucan with a second layer of color.

 (I call these 'project boards'.   I post them at the front of my room so the students can see what everyone is going to be working on in Art class.   Here I post the essential questions, concepts we want to get to, and words for the lesson that will later be moved to the word wall)

 And here are some displayed under the cabinets in the art room.  

15 October 2012

Monday Motivations - Winsor McCay

 If you are reading this on Monday October 15th - stop right now and go to google....https://www.google.com/

I'll wait....

Winsor McCay

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