29 September 2014

Monday Motivations - Chuck Close

24 September 2014

Wednesday Works - 5th grade CARTOONING!

Early in the year we work on cartoons to create expressions, moods, feelings, or emotions.   Later in the year we'll bring up portraiture again and work with a more proportionally correct human face.

Here's the start of our cartoon studies...  1st - emotions, 2nd - hats, heads, and hair, and 3rd - male/female/other

22 September 2014

Monday Motivations - Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

2ND grade is looking at the portraits of Pablo Picasso this week as we explore Cubism and portraiture.   Here are some examples for you as well.

10 June 2014

Inservice day photos



Clean(ish)   white board needs a onceover

Work.   Lots of it.   Writing, rewriting, revamping, and aligning curriculum for existing and new grade level areas.

Gotta line it all up, you know! 

Have a great summer everyone.   I won't promise to post so if I do it'll be a nice surprise.   Don't forget to visit the additional school site MBG Middle to see what's going on over there as well.

23 May 2014

Friday Photos near the end of the year

The flurry of finishing has begun!   Already we've reached the last art class for several groups and projects have been taken home.

A few changes coming my way for next year but I'll be back here with our usual format again in August.   Look for Monday Motivations, Wednesday Works , and Friday photos here on the Lenkerville Artroom.   I'll be adding some additional duties to my schedule (all ART related, thankfully!) so I hope to keep in the swing of things over here come August.  I'll be working on another blog page to unveil in the fall as well. 

For now, enjoy some Friday Photos!

(yeah, I'm running out of quotes I haven't worked on yet so I did this one as an example of making more decorative letters)

09 May 2014

FRIDAY Photos - May 9th

 My view from my Art Cabin at Camp last week

 Really, really hoping this repair holds.   I would be lost without my cutting board!  I think I'll reinforce the plywood base with some metal brackets also.   It's the back of the cutting arm that's splitting the wood and making the cutting get all wobbly.

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