16 April 2014

Wednesday Works - Two-point Perspective with 5th grade

I am very, very pleased with the progress on two-point perspective in just one day!   For some reason these students decided that two-point was much easier than one-point and you can see that in these photos.  

As a closing I showed them an example of three-point perspective and I saw a bit of a twinkle in the eye of a few.  I would not be surprised if I saw a few give that a try next week.

10 April 2014

Wednesday Works -(Thursday edition) a little more perspective

Just a few more examples from the 4th and 5th grade perspective lessons so far. 

I think 4th handled this one very well but it is with 5th that I want to add an additional lesson to the Unit.



Deadly obstacle course, of course.  (4th)





Since these 5th graders have picked up one-point so well, next week I will introduce two-point and see how that goes.   :)
My example piece in progress.

02 April 2014

Wednesday Works - George Rodrigue Dogs

Not to let cats take over the art room, the second graders took another look at the George Rodrigue Blue Dog and came up with a lesson of their own.   This time I introduced the element of pattern to a painted, colored paper background the students created themselves.

28 March 2014

26 March 2014

Wednesday Works - 5th grade Ceramic Masks

5th grade has spent a few classes working on a ceramic mask project.  Today was detail day where I pull out all the craft type items for decorative detailing.  I have that as an optional step but most do add something to the final project.  

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