26 January 2015

Monday Motivations - A Pep Talk from Kid President

22 January 2015

Wednesday Works (Thursday Edition) - Aboriginal Animals

Started a new lesson with my 5th grade sections last week.  We talked a bit about Aboriginal Art, watched some video clips of traditional and contemporary Aboriginal artists like this one....

...and this one....

 (disclaimer....I did need to skip the first 115-20 seconds of the introduction to this video for showing it in the classroom) 

Then the students picked an animal and started on their contour drawings.

We painted in six colors with pencil erasers using dots only.   This is progress at the beginning of day two.

21 January 2015

Wednesday Works - GYOTAKU printing

Fish prints!

First we watched this short introductory video on TedEd.

Then we began printing.    This will likely be a 2-3 day lesson as far as the wet printing goes.  Then I would like to take a day to talk about signing the prints, displaying them, and working in a short critique/rubric session with the class.

27 October 2014

To all who visited lately, I apologize for the redirect to that business site.  I've identified the offending Widget and removed it from the page.  

You will no longer be redirected by that site.

08 October 2014

Wednesday Works - Picasso People Challenge

I've been issuing a number of "challenges" to my students this year.  Rather than calling them lessons or projects, I find when I introduce something as a CHALLENGE it seems to perk them all right up and the students are on the edges of their seats waiting to hear what is coming up next!

This is the Picasso People challenge:  Draw a person (in the Cubism style like Picasso which we talked about before we began) but you can only draw a shape if you trace it.   There is NO free-hand drawing allowed.

They drove right in and we got some very interesting people!

(A few of my colored in examples as well)

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