30 April 2014

Wednesday Works - Pinch-pot monsters with 2nd grade

This one has been floating around online for quite awhile now.  I have done this a few years now and it's probably the biggest hit project of second grade for several reasons.   One, they get to use the "real" clay.   1st grade uses Model Magic (which I LOVE also)  Second, it's MONSTERS!   How can you beat that?!   And third, they love any excuse to get out the paints. 

We cover basic ceramic techniques like slipping and scoring (called "the zipper"), plus formation of a basic pinch pot.   Then they are turned on their sides and the monster mouth appears. 

Here are a few all painted up with tempera cakes (my other favorite thing ever invented)

 If you had time in the school year, you could clear coat these with a bit of finishing spray to make them shiny.   I may do this before the kids take them home this year. 

24 April 2014

Wednesday Works - EARTH DAY project arms

 This post is photo heavy.   Our theme for Earth Day this year is PA Forests so we made our own little forest out of arms.....  

Then we tossed in a few 1st grade mosaic butterflies.   (Made with handprints)

And created a large, school wide display!

(hard to catch a good photo with a narrow hallway)

display details.....

"He that plants trees loves others beside himself"

21 April 2014

Monday Motivations - Earth Artists in honor of Earth Day

Andy Goldsworthy

 Column - David Nash

 Ash Dome - David Nash
 Land art project -  Lucien den Arend

 Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy

 Sphere - Andy Goldsworthy

Spiral Jetty - Robert Smithson
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