28 October 2013

Monday Motivations - Charley Clary - 28 Oct 2013

Charles Clary

25 October 2013

Friday Photos - 25 Oct 2013

Crazy busy week here!  These are still blooming from my flower boxes this year.  The colors tie in well with the following fellow...

Day of the Dead lesson from Deep Space Sparkle.   Still tweaking it for my classroom use.  I'm adding in the elements of balance and proportion to fully round out the lesson for my curriculum but the kids seem to enjoy it so far, especially since one of the kids stood up to tell us what his family does to celebrate the day at their home.

23 October 2013

Wednesday Works - Silly Sandwiches with ROY G BIV and the Color Spectrum

Another oldie but goodie here with the extra added twist of the color spectrum.  My first grade classes meet with me just after their lunches so this lesson is timed perfectly.

We watch a short video I've shared many times before ROY G BIV on Youtube -They Might Be Giants

Then we make sandwich layers.   Trying to remember to have something to hold the sandwiches on the top and bottom layers.

Silly layers are always encouraged as well.   Above you see eyeballs, whole fish, dirty socks and lego pieces.  

A colorful addition to the hallways as well.

Happy Wednesday!

14 October 2013

Monday Motivations - Pinterest finds - 14 Oct 2013

I love Pinterest.   I'll admit it.  I love it a lot.   

Maybe more than new crayons.   

Ok, maybe a close second to a brand new box of crayons.   But I do love the spark of new ideas I can get from seeing images on other Art Teacher's boards.  Here's a few I'd like to include in the classroom this year.




12 October 2013

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