28 January 2013

Monday Motivations - Robert Cottingham

Taking some inspiration from the Poul Webb Art Blog today.   Some Robert Cottingham images, photo-realistic paintings.


25 January 2013

Friday Photos - 25 Jan 2013

Whew, what a day!   Intruder drill, glaze jar explosion, and an early dismissal.   I need to go home to a warm house and take a small nap. 

Here's some fun Friday photos - enjoy :)

 This is kind of how I feel today too.   LOL

His name shall be "Vincent".

23 January 2013

Literacy day!

Pete the Cat - I Love my White Shoes by Eric Litwin with Illustrations by James Dean

I Ain't Gonna Paint No More by Karen Beaumont With illustrations by David Catrow

21 January 2013

Monday Motivations - Public Art works - 21 Jan 2013

I love art.

I love classical art with all it's fussiness and snobbery.  

I love modern art with all it's rebellion and temperamental-ness. 

I love kid art. 

I love art made by animals in zoos when handed pencils and paints. 

I love ART!   So it really inspires me to see art installed in public places that invokes a sense of humor to an otherwise thought as high-class, uppity subject as "Art"





Oro Valley







16 January 2013

Wednesday Works - Weaving at different grade levels

 I have two separate weaving projects going on in my room this week at once.  Both lessons are starting at the same place; a basic 1x1 weaving with opposite colors.

 Paper is folded "the hot dog way", a horizontal line drawn at the top of the open ends for names, and ruler width stripes drawn vertically down from the horizontal line to form what looks like a big comb.    Students cut the vertical lines open and unfold to form a weaving loom for their opposite color strips of paper.

 5th grade was given the same initial instructions- create a 1x1 weaving with opposite colors.   Then I tossed in their Level Two Challenge.  

Same forming ideas, this time with a choice of colors for the loom and strips.  Plus think about changing the vertical lines structure a bit.   Adding curves, zigzags or size variations of straight lines to mix it up a bit.

Punches added interest to some strips.

Strips were layered.

Hanging finished Level Two Weavings on the clothes line was a great inspiration to the rest of the class.  

This is my working example.  

 Using colored paper strips and accent scraps of trimmed artworks from the scrap box.

14 January 2013

Monday Motivations - Peter Trevelyan

Peter Trevelyan

To completely see and appreciate what you are looking at here, you must go to the link and read the article on Peter Trevelyan's works.    These sculptures are made from the tiny little sticks of graphite from mechanical pencils.   It's amazing and technical and has a level of attention to detail I cannot begin to attempt.

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