25 February 2015

Wednesday Works - pinch pot monsters

Pinch Pot monsters for 2nd grade

 With alphabet noodle names!   The pasta will burn out in the firing and we will be left with a very legible name. 

chroma.class on Instagram!

Did you know we are also over on Instagram?   I like to be able to post photos of artwork in progress right at the moment the students are working on them so stop by and see what has been going on in both the Elementary and the Middle school art rooms!

18 February 2015

Wednesday works - 1st grade Line, shape, and pattern colorful snowmen

 If snow came down in colors
How wonderful it would be,
To make bright, colorful snowmen
For everyone to see!

 We used three sizes for our snowmen bodies.   Filled them with lines, shapes, patterns, and colors.   Two rules:  color each circle completely and no white paper showing! 

16 February 2015

12 February 2015

Wednesday Works (Thursday edition) Display walls around the school this week.

5th grade assembled this board as they finished projects this week.

1st grade 100 colors for 100 days wall.

and the last day for the 3rd grade gesture drawing figures.

09 February 2015

Monday Motivations - Matisse Cutouts

I have already mentioned how fond I am of the Matisse cutouts.   I just love them and I love teaching them to children.  


04 February 2015

Wednesday Works - 100 colors for 100 days!

From this website ( www.teachkidsart.net ) and the Art Teachers group on Facebook came the idea to paint 100 different colors on the 100th day of school

They LOVED it!

100 squares template page from Teach Kids Art

02 February 2015

Monday Motivations - first 2 minutes of Rio

I used this video clip to inspire my 2nd graders when working on their wax resist bird drawings.

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