15 September 2012

FRIDAY photos - 14 September 2012

I spent the better part of yesterday setting up the annual Art display at the Gratz Fair grounds.  

(piles of works in various stages of prep for the show)

I love this event for several reasons,
1- showing off artworks makes all the students feel extra special,
2 -parents love to see what their kids are doing, especially when a whole class is displayed at once,
3 - administrators are happy when my display looks good and when others tell them how nice the display looks,
4 (and my favorite!)- I get to talk with all the other art teachers in my area!  4 different districts from elementary to high school levels!  We visit, talk about the school year and it's challenges or successes, and admire works they all bring in to display. 

Here's some shots from my display this year......

A little paint pouring background to start....

Great job kids!

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