13 February 2013

Wednesday works - Pinch Pot Monsters - 2nd grade


An introduction to pinch pots was the basis for this fun lesson with my 2nd grade classes.

Once I demonstrated the pinch pot methods, students placed their pots on the side for the mouth of their monster.    Other than a little information about slipping and scoring to keeps parts together, the kids were on their own imaginations for this one!  Anything goes!  (anything went?  since we're finished?)

Here's a photo wall for you.

 Can you see the little red rectangle on these two photos?   This is how I keep the classes separated in the kiln when I fire them.   I have tabs for each day of the week, and several for grade level sections as well, all in different colors.   Students place projects on a large piece of paper in circles where they write their names.    I use a needle tool to scratch names into the bottom of each project.   Then the entire class of projects go to one shelf in the kiln with it's teacher/day/section tabs.  They've been fired many times and I haven't noticed a change in the colors, they just go into the kiln just as they are now.

After firing we painted them with tempera cakes which the kids have all unanimously agreed they like much better than the wet tempera in cups.  They like the colors and the easy way to use them.

 (this tray has a yellow "day 3" tab)

A quick shot of clear sealant (which I apply outside) to give them a little shine and projects will be coming home this week :) 

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