20 March 2013

Wednesday Works - 1st grade Mosaic Butterflies

Spring is here finally and this lesson is a good reminder for the students to review their seasons of the year.  It is also a good review for the progress working on their fine motor skills. 

We start our lesson talking about the seasons and the things we see during each of them that really exemplify those times during the calendar year.  For example, winter and snowmen or summer and pool time.
Then we talked about butterflies a bit.   Facts and fun parts from anyone who wanted to talk about something.  I stressed "symmetrical" and the word of the day and we were off!

To begin making our butterflies, students folded a piece of white paper and traced one hand.   Holding the paper together while cutting gave us two hands to work with. 

Glued to a background color of their choice with the thumbs crossing for the body of the butterfly.

 Students used bits from the scrap box to fill in the wings symmetrically, each piece torn and no larger than their thumbnails.

Elmer's glue was spread in a small section at a time to allow for the placement of several pieces before it dried out.

Final touches included adding a bit of "fuzzy" paper to the body sections and drawing a head if they were so inclined. 

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