28 August 2013

A Welcome back Prezi!

It's that time again!   I've been back in the classroom since our inservice days last Wednesdsay and Thursday and while the room isn't "done" (is it ever?  It's always evolving and changing through the school year) we are in full swing with classes already.

A bit of a preview of the room so far this year.   I've moved my truffula trees indoors this year and I'm also going to add the elements and principles of art tags to the project boards for each lesson.  (I found that hint on pinterest)

 The giant storage drawers have a new home and I've promised the fantastic custodians I will never move it again.   I think it will work just fine as a supply table as well.  I'll have to move my colored paper storage cabinet up a bit, that's why it's still empty, but it's good to go for the first week.  Like my Roy G. Biv?

I've also been working on this......

If you haven't tried out the site PREZI before, stop right there and look at this little presentation I made for my first day of classes.....  go ahead, I'll wait.

stop by my prezi page to see more

I really think this could be a wonderful tool to use in the art room.   Kids love technology, there is no way around that, so give them a little bit of knowledge at the same time.

I'll be starting up my regular posting schedule for our First Photo Friday of 2013-2014 on Friday.

See you then!!
Ms. H

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