06 September 2013

Friday Photos - 6 SEPT 2013

 Decorated the filing cabinets after reorganizing them. (and purging a lot of stuff)  They will soon have white labels to tell me what is in each.   The top two drawers of each stack are my files and information  (catalogs, invoices, curriculum, and whatnot)   The bottom of each stack will be my stained glass scraps which are currently sorted by color into plastic boxes.   The last 3 drawers will have the solid yarn organized by colors so the kids will know which cones or skeins have continuous threads, instead of the ones kids have snipped pieces from here and there. 

(Wish I had 4 more of these....)

Curtains after the second round of dye-attempt.   Not exactly what I was going for, but they're pretty and 5th grade thinks they are "cool".

I recovered my desk chair.   I won't be winning any upholstery awards (that's for sure) but this outdoor fabric should keep this La-Z-Boy going for quite a few more years.   (I'll post more on the process later....)

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