13 November 2013

Native American Indian Designs with 4th grade

We are located on the Susquehanna River in an area rich with history of Native Americans.   It is believed the area where we live was part of the Susquehannock Tribe.   Many people around here find artifacts in the form of arrowheads throughout the islands near the River. 

With this background knowledge, it is easy to introduce a different tribe from the United States.   This time we look at the Anasazi (or the Ancestral Pueblo) Tribe from the four corners area of the Southwest.

While looking at the pottery remains, we identify the design elements we see and begin to create our own versions using stencils and rulers. 

We use a reversal to color shapes that intersect our lines.   Meaning, when a line is colored, the shapes that over lap that line are not colored.  

To add to the knowledge level I posted several options for students to work on after completion.   Level Two (bottom three examples in the photo below) challenges include two different colors and student choice of shapes.   Level Three has a free-for-all of lines, shapes, and colors just to see if they can see the reversals and if they understand the concepts.(Top two examples in the image below)

That's our Wednesday Works this week! 

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