11 December 2013

Wednesday works - a little of everything! 11 Dec 2013

 1st grade painting primary color mice for their Mouse Paint project.   A lesson in watercolor painting, wax resist, and color mixing.

2nd grade finishing up lilly pads and flowers on their Claude Monet ponds.   A lesson in watercolor painting techniques to include color wash, and wax resist, plus Art History topics of Monet and Impressionism.

3rd Grade  working on color mixing with a Tint and Shade lesson. 

4th grade drawing their own imaginary lands and creating maps of the land.  This one works with a map lesson they are doing upstairs in their classroom as well.   Topics about maps including longitude and latitude, map keys, and compass roses are reinforced in Art when they get to create their own unique map elements.  


...and 5th grade is finishing up a lesson with Andy Warhol on Pop Art, "making common, every day object into works of Art!"  We reviewed all the color schemes learned in previous years with this one.

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