29 January 2014

Wednesday works - SPACE! (watercolor techniques) with 3rd grade

I enjoy lessons with an element of surprise in them.  It keeps the kids enthusiastic about the project when something is always being revealed!

This lesson builds on watercolor techniques we started in 1st and 2nd grade.   This year we talked about color wash and adding texture using salt sprinkled onto the wet paint.

Circles on the back of a piece of paper....

...color wash the front....

(They don't know what we are making as a final project yet.   They just enjoy drawing circles and painting)

  Effects from the salt into the paint trick.  

Then we start on an outer space background and it sometimes still doesn't click about the circle papers until I actually cut one out and glue it on the black background. 

I had a very creative group of space ships in the class today!

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