24 April 2013

Wednesday Works - Huichol Yarn Paintings with 2nd grade

Isn't this just wonderful?

 To create a true yarn painting, we should be using beeswax to press our yarns onto the board, however I didn't find any beeswax in my cabinets (which actually surprised me a little, there's a lot in there to use!)

Instead we limited the surface area we would be covering with yarn to just our animal choices.  Each matboard piece needed a boarder or frame of yarn surrounding the animal as well.

On day one we did the planning with animal sketches, drawing onto the matboard, and then a simple yarn outline of as much of the animal as possible.   This initial outlining gave a bit of a base or anchor point for the students to fill in the centers next week.

 I've found on the days when a student tries to outline and fill in at the same time, the yarn gets very wiggly and moves all around, which makes it a challenge for them.  If the initial outlining can be done on the first day, everyone can be happier.

After yarn is added and animals are filled in, we complete the background space  in the same manner but using markers.  This tends to "speed up" the completion of the project and still give us a similar look as the yarn.

I'll edit this post with completed projects tomorrow,  I thought I had a few on file but I must have missed them...

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