07 May 2014

Wednesday works from Camp Hebron with 5th grade

 Our Monday Motivation Totem poles posted this week were a preview to this Wednesday Works.

We have a extra special event in our school where the 5th grade class (yes, all of them) head out to a camp about 15 minutes away and stay for the week with our 12th graders as their camp counselors.  The teachers have classes and invite special guests to teach various lessons during the week.   They also canoe (and have a water safety course), horseback riding, hiking, etc.  

This was my classroom for the day I went over.   I met with each cabin group for about 45 minutes and we made our own totem pole elements as a recycling project.  I have had these coffee and nut or bread crumb cans in my room for quite awhile.  I needed 72, and I think I had 74 total. 

Colored paper, markers, oil pastels, and glue were the supplies needed.   We wrapped them in paper and decorated them before gluing onto the cans.

I had to be creative with supplies because there were still regular classes being held in my classroom back at school (with a substitute) so I couldn't clean out the supplies for them just to travel to camp. 

My alligator example.

...and all on display in my classroom for the week.   We have Grandparents day tomorrow!

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