31 October 2012

Wednesday Works -1st grade Mouse Paint- Wax resists

Painting with 1st grade.  Is there anything more entertaining then listening to them discover a "new" color when they mix paints together?  That's one of my most favorite teaching moments.    The students came into the room today with a video cued up on the screen for them.  It's a Primary Color video from OK GO.

 ( I've linked it farther down in this post)

With Mouse Paint I wanted to include a wax resist type technique with them.  After listening to the story, students went back to their seats and drew a portion of the story they liked best.   With a little black outlining and a little white coloring on the mice, we brought out the trays of watercolor paint, edited down to the 3 primary colors. 

That's the cat 

Day started with our primary color video - From OK GO on Sesame Street

 Then we went to work, this time trying to focus on the backgrounds.

For a closure, we watched this last video again just for fun.   Kids added a bit more black and white crayon to really pick out their mice from their backgrounds.

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