17 October 2012

Wednesday works - "Drawing with Children" in 2nd grade

I pulled another lesson from this book...

Drawing with Children - by Mona Brooks, to use with my 2nd grade class also.  They drew the toucan or tropical bird from this as an introduction to wax resist. 

We started all drawing together....
Crayon was added on day one to the entire paper, just like we always color.   On day 2 they were given Crayola markers and only colored the toucan with a second layer of color.

 (I call these 'project boards'.   I post them at the front of my room so the students can see what everyone is going to be working on in Art class.   Here I post the essential questions, concepts we want to get to, and words for the lesson that will later be moved to the word wall)

 And here are some displayed under the cabinets in the art room.  

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