05 December 2012

Wednesday Works - 3rd Grade - Molas

 Aren't these girls just the cutest.   

3rd grade started off our Mola project with a geography lesson, looking at the map to locate Central American, Panama, then the San Blas Islands. 

We talked about the culture and reasons behind the creation of the Molas.   We also looked closer at some examples to see all the hand stitching that went into them. 

When it came time to making our own, students first chose an analogous color group (three colors side by side on the color wheel)

 The animal is drawn on the first piece of paper and cut out with a scissors.   The outside piece is returned to the pile and used as a stencil.  This time the students trace 1/4" inside the animal shape.   Cut and repeat until all papers are cut with a shape. 

Final steps are gluing the shape pieces (positives) together to form a molita; meaning "little mola", the negative pieces together to show the edges which forms the mola.

We mounted them on black papers to finish it off.

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