12 December 2012

Wednesday Works - 4th grade GYOTAKU

Printmaking is a very versatile and exciting project for the elementary grades.  Whether it's fingerprints, stamps or sponges, or in this case fish, kids get excited about creating something over and over very easily.

We started our "Fish Unit" with these prints, then a transitional but fun project in the middle, and when we return after the holiday break we will jump right into the clay for another fishy lesson.

 Ink is contained in recycled trays and foam rollers are used to apply an even coat to our fish molds.   These replicas are cast directly from different species of both fresh and salt water fish.  We spend a little time on the first introduction day identifying each fish and the ways we can tell if it's fresh or salt water (hint - its the scales)

Each student made 5 prints to really get the hang of it.   During the next class we signed, numbered, and gave our fish titles.   A little colored paper framing and up on the clothesline they went.

For the transitional lesson - an aquarium!   A little wax resist to keep the painting exciting and reinforce a technique used in the 2nd grade Toucan lesson

After drawing objects inside our aquariums, we added a light pass of color with the side of a crayon.

Then we painted.... with lots of "Whoa!"s  and "Wow!"s along the way.

Our final step was to cut out one of the prints and place it in our tanks. 

Next up will be ceramic fish! 

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