16 January 2013

Wednesday Works - Weaving at different grade levels

 I have two separate weaving projects going on in my room this week at once.  Both lessons are starting at the same place; a basic 1x1 weaving with opposite colors.

 Paper is folded "the hot dog way", a horizontal line drawn at the top of the open ends for names, and ruler width stripes drawn vertically down from the horizontal line to form what looks like a big comb.    Students cut the vertical lines open and unfold to form a weaving loom for their opposite color strips of paper.

 5th grade was given the same initial instructions- create a 1x1 weaving with opposite colors.   Then I tossed in their Level Two Challenge.  

Same forming ideas, this time with a choice of colors for the loom and strips.  Plus think about changing the vertical lines structure a bit.   Adding curves, zigzags or size variations of straight lines to mix it up a bit.

Punches added interest to some strips.

Strips were layered.

Hanging finished Level Two Weavings on the clothes line was a great inspiration to the rest of the class.  

This is my working example.  

 Using colored paper strips and accent scraps of trimmed artworks from the scrap box.

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