03 January 2013

Wednesday Works - Thursday edition - Perspective and Point-of-view

 Cute little sock-snowman I've had in my room forever!  It was made by the life skills students a long time ago.

Over the years I've been trying to come up with a really good and simple lesson plan concept to introduce perspective and point-of-view to the youngest group I can, and to have them understand it without frustration.    This attempt seems to have worked with this year's group of 3rd graders so I'll adapt it a bit more and write it up for the curriculum.

 (Your point of view or your eye.    Elephant's eye.  Ant's eye.  Bird's eye. )

First, points of view.   Each student looked at these photos and drew their own snowman, one point of view at a time starting with a plain ol' normal looking snowman.

Then we worked on a little perspective with the same snowman they created.


 And I slipped in this video just to reinforce the ideas (and to keep it fun :)

Here are a few works in sketchbooks.  I think the kids liked this one.

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