07 January 2013

Monday Motivations - How about a mural (again)?

Recycled Materials Pinterest board

I hate to be the jump-on-the-bandwagon type but the more I look at these bottle cap murals, the more I see some great potential for Lenkerville.   We have a very large stairwell with a very tall wall just begging for something (a tree?) to stretch from top to bottom.

I'm thinking (after asking permission of course) that a mural there would be fantastic.  An Earth Day project perhaps?  With parent help as needed?  (I think ladders at the very least and maybe even scaffolding might be needed)

To inspired us today are the many murals I have found so far.

VanGogh's sunflowers - very nice

Can't go wrong with school mascot logo...

Patriotic theme - always popular...

butterfly detail

Starry Night 

Looks like this was set on the wall in panels.

So what do you think?   Looks like fun?  Have a bunch of plastic milk carton lids or soda bottle caps to spare?

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