18 April 2013

Wednesday works (Thursday edition) - first grade 3-D houses

A square, a rectangle, and a bottle of glue are all you need to make a simple 3-D paper house with 1st grade.

 here's a quick step-by-step in photos of what we did...

 fold a small tab

 fold in half

 fold in half again

 open and identify floor, walls and roof

 reverse this folded edge

 put glue on the tab and attach

 for the roof - fold in half

 fold tabs on each side like "alligator teeth"

 attach to the top of the house

A few simple folds and we have these cute little houses at the end of day one.  We try to work together as a group to help because there are a few directions to complete along the way.

Day two is the addition of windows and doors and adding some "property" under our houses.

A repeat of our simple house folds to get some steps.

To finish up, next week we will be working on trees, bushes and yard details.

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  1. These houses are cool! I will have to try that. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Glad to find your blog!


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