22 May 2013

Wednesday Works - Ice Cream Tints - 2nd grade

I'm still trying to get some new lessons into the curriculum book before the end of the school year.  We have just a few more days left so here's a new one for 2nd grade.

Since the 3rd grade version of Tints and Shades moonlight landscapes was such a hit with both kids and faculty alike, I picked up this one to give it a try with some younger students.

Using an extra large piece of paper, we used our hands to help space out 6 blocks for painting.

Each student used a small cup with white and added their table color in small spoonfuls, painting inside the divided sections of their papers.

After the paper dried, we cut out the squares and traced ice cream scoop shapes on the painted sections.

Final assembly is on a black piece of paper with scoops in order from light to dark, plus a cone and a cherry on top.

And an aside - this leads onto a Eric Carle lesson with those painted paper scraps, don't you think??  That's next years plans......

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