16 May 2013

Wednesday Works (Thursday edition) - 5th grade Artist Studies

 At various times though the school year we take a closer look at the works of various artists or at art styles, usually as inspiration pieces or for the color scheme I may be introducing at the time.  

For my 5th grade classes, I like to pull out 5 to 6 works each from several artists so we can identify the elements we can see in the mature works.   These works are then created by the students with the elements they list as common in all the pieces we study.   The student works usually take one to two class periods to create. 

 M.C. Escher tessellations in progress

Here are a few photos of the progress we've made so far.   We looked at Piet Mondrian,  M.C. Escher, and Henri Matisse just to start.  I also have Cezanne and Picasso in reserve for the last few class periods of the year.   We may or may not get to all of these artists, since the end of the school year schedules can be as messy as the art room some days.

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